The stars have aligned, interview process has been successfully carried out and you are ready to make your move. But all of this hard work can be sadly for nothing if your offer falls flat and they either reject it, try to let you down gently by “going away to think about it” or worse still, accept and then take a counter offer shortly after.

We are making between 4 to 8 job offers a week on behalf of our clients so we have become experts in how to manage this process. In this short blog, we want to give you the Top Tips in ensuring that your offers are accepted and you and your perfect candidate get your working relationship off to the best start.

1. Get to know your candidate

Before you have even reached your offer stage, it is important to get to know exactly what the person wants as a minimum salary expectation but equally, what are the reasons the person is seeking to move on from their existing role and company. By having a clear and detailed understanding of what they need on all levels will help you to ensure that the package you put together for them, should they be successful, meets their desires on most levels.

2. Nurture them through the interview process

It is important here not to make the mistake of thinking that you are holding all of the cards and that the only person being assessed is the candidate. In a market where the majority of people are moving from jobs to a new job, candidates are only going to make the leap if they are happy with all elements of the opportunity. Ensure that the interviewers are welcoming, friendly and really know how to show off the best elements of the organisation.

Make sure that all stages are well communicated and feedback is given in a timely way. Also try and be as bendable as possible around when you schedule your interviews as many people feel awkward about doing them during the working day or trying to get time off and being made to feel they are not being honest with their current employers.

3. Move fast

When you know you have found the perfect match, don’t waste any time and just do it! The market is moving incredibly quickly but equally if too much time drifts between the last stage and the offer, candidates start to feel as if they haven’t been successful and may mentally “check out”. Our advice would always be to make the offer over the telephone so you can assess how it lands initially and then answer any initial queries. This should then be followed up in writing, email is fine, including all of the essential details.

4. Don’t sell yourself short

We have seen far too often recently, clients knowing what a person’s minimum salary is and then coming in just underneath endeavouring to bag a bargain! This does not work folks! When dealing with those who already have secure jobs and their feet under the table, they are just not going to accept anything less than what they want!

As well as potentially missing out on the hire, you stand a real chance of undermining the candidate’s confidence in you as a potential employer because you fell at the first hurdle when making them feel valued. If they say a certain salary is their minimum, offer that or possibly more and if you don’t feel you can stretch to it, don’t waste any time in inviting them to interview.

5. Keep in touch

After receiving acceptance the candidate will have the nerve wracking job of handing in their notice and the feelings of anxiety that this can cause people should not be underestimated, especially if they have worked in a business for a long time.

They will undoubtedly have some feelings of loyalty as well as an existing relationship so if presented with a counter offer it can sometimes be too hard to refuse. Make sure you touch base with your new hire throughout this process to offer support, reassurance but also to strengthen your relationship so they don’t get the jitters and stay put.

As you can see, this is a game of two halves and it is one thing to make an offer but it is another to have it accepted and the candidate joining you! At Elite, we give our clients the best chance of success by continuously adapting our process to the market conditions. To know more about how we work, get in touch with the team.