As recruitment professionals we adopt a meticulous 7 step recruitment process throughout every case, from the brief right through to acceptance confirmation. In addition to our own candidate bank, we also access and use the latest tools and technology to source the best possible candidates. On top of this, our team are also knowledgeable and experienced in the specialist sectors and industries within which we work, giving us an understanding of your world.

1. The Knowledge

Understanding your needs

  • A consultation meeting or call to obtain information on your business and recruitment needs
  • Complete a thorough Vacancy Specification Form
  • Agreeing of Terms of Business and Service Level Agreements
Recruitment solutions across all sectors

2. The Launch

Advertising the role

  • Constructing relevant job advert and job description where required
  • Place ads on relevant job boards and Elite website
  • Carry out thorough search of database and CV search platforms

  • Promote jobs through Elite social media channels

3. The Selection


  • Carefully sift through all job applications
  • Write to those who are not successful in being shortlisted
  • Carry out first stage interview and scoring process

  • Carry out second stage interview
  • Issue the Job Description and associated company information
  • Where appropriate, issue web interview

4. The Introduction

Presenting the candidate

  • Review Cover Letter and carry out Right to Work checks
  • Put submission together with Specification Match detail, cover letter, necessary information and CV
  • Send to client, including all relevant information

5. Meeting of minds

Client interviews

  • Arrange interviews to the convenience of both parties
  • Provide detailed confirmation to candidate
  • Check in with candidate to ensure attendance
  • Provide feedback to both parties

6. Securing the talent

Offer and negotiation

  • Receive full offer details
  • Present offer to the candidate verbally and followed up by email
  • Deal with any queries and negotiation
  • Issue Confirmation to both parties

7. Onboarding

Regular updates

  • Check in with candidate prior to start date
  • Card sent to every new starter on their first day
  • Check in after month 1 to ensure smooth induction and onboarding