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Our client resource hub provides tips, advice, and resource documents for organisations seeking to navigate the complex and dynamic world of talent acquisition. These recruitment resources for clients and hirers serve as a comprehensive guide to enhance the recruitment process, from crafting effective job descriptions to conducting interviews and making successful hires.

Buyer’s Guide

Recruitment agencies often get a bad rep because they’re so focused on filling employment gaps that they don’t put the leg work in to make sure it’s the best possible fit. Elite are here to be the best recruitment partners possible for your business and our Buyer’s Guide will tell you everything you need to know about our processes.

Business Assessment Toolkit

Your business’ health matters and sometimes knowing how to assess it is what holds us back from recording where we are and planning where we’re going. This toolkit will help you assess your business where it currently is and act as a benchmark for future assessments.

Insightful interviewing tips for employers

It takes time and money to recruit new team members, which is why it is so important that you have all the tools you need to interview in an effective and efficient way. We’ve created this free resource to support you in your interview processes so that you feel confident in your ability to find the next best employee for your business.

How to bag your best candidate

In a buoyant recruitment market, there are a number of factors that can still mean companies face challenges in filling roles. In this article, we provide clients with tips to secure that perfect candidate.

Tips for writing the perfect job description

There are many elements to ensuring that you find the candidate that you’re looking for. A very good place to start is by writing an enticing job description for your role; or refreshing existing documents making sure they are still relevant and fit for purpose.

Top 5 ways to set employee expectations

Before you can set expectations for your employees, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what these are for yourself. Whatever you want to set the standards on, be it work performance, culture, values or simply dress code, you need to be clear in your own mind what is acceptable to you.

Maternity checklist for employers

Maternity leave can be a minefield, this checklist breaks it down and makes it accessible and relevant so that when you do get a surprise announcement you know exactly what to do next!

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