As so widely reported, finding talent is a challenge and whilst exacerbated currently, this is not a new thing. Certain professions have struggled to find experienced hires for a long time and therefore it is essential that companies have effective strategies for growing their own talent pool to avoid catastrophic failures in service delivery in the future.

With the baby boomers of the 1960’s set to retire, this problem is only going to get worse.

Why go down the Apprenticeship route?

Firstly, apprentices can be from a variety of age groups and experience levels and are not just for school leavers. They can equally work well for people graduating from university through to those who want a career change so you have a great plethora of backgrounds to choose from.

You can tailor the type of qualification to suit the needs of your business, so you are enhancing the quality of your service by having qualified and well trained people. From accountants and customer services through to electricians, there are qualifications to suit a vast majority of industries.

Often those people coming out of full-time education are at their most motivated and able to learn and absorb new information. What’s more their familiarity with IT and technology makes them incredibly adept at picking up systems quickly and naturally.

We all like to think we are unique and by hiring someone in their first paid role, you can completely mould and develop the individual to suit your own style and culture. As the employee is benefitting from obtaining a free qualification and learning, the salary can be slightly lower than the alternative.

The government also gives you a grant to get them up and running which has been increased to £3000 until the end of September 2021.

How we have worked with Apprentices

The Recruitment industry has been changing and the old school way of working was that Recruitment Consultants had to be a master of all tasks from business development through to administration and sourcing all of the candidates. At Elite, we have embraced a new way of working and have created roles that focus on sourcing and administration, freeing up our Consultants to provide services to clients and candidates. Resourcing Administrators work perfectly for Apprentices because they are able to coincide this with a Business Administration or Customer Service apprenticeship in year one and then move on to a Recruitment Resourcing qualification in year two. This complements the nature of their roles perfectly and the practical nature of their day to day learning, coupled with the theory of the qualification, produces confident members of staff that deliver a fantastic service to clients and candidates alike.

We have been able to expand our business at a highly cost-effective way, whilst ensuring that our staff are trained to be the best in the business.

We now have 2 apprentices in our company, both of which have exceeded expectations and have already progressed in their roles. So much so, this has enabled growth in our Consultancy team and we are just about to embark upon the search for Apprentice number three.